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I would just like to give kudos to the irritated consumer who actually took the time to educate himself on that which he was complaining, remembering that there is always more to the story.As admitted, some things cannot be taken back which is a lesson for many of us.

Words can be brutal and we often lash out out of frustration before all the facts are known. Publishing names of circumstantially related individuals and details such as these, can tarnish a reputation and can be personally devastating in such a highly regulated business... all over "hear say".

Thank you for your suedo retration.-some of us named are were and are very far removed

HomeQuest - Rip off broker working for different company

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HomeQuest and their mortgage brokers put us in a "bait and switch" subprime loan two years ago.

I sent a QWR to this company after finding preditory fees and problems with this loan.This company was in Tampa FL, sent them a certified QWR and it was returned to sender.

OUT OF BUSINESS, JUST LIKE THE FUNDER OF THE LOAN AEGIS. THE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY JEFF BLACKLEDGE IS NOW WORKING FOR Short-refi.com If he is working for this company don't refi with them, possible just as preditory as his now defunked business.

This mortgage brokers and funders of these mortgage should be in jail for the criminal practices.



My friend, you HAVE been duped....but by Jeff Blackledge. Yes, he was the owner, yes he trained all of the Brokers you named in the business practices that he learned at Ameriquest in California. He regularly closed mortgages on the phone with customers, he WAS in the office each and EVERY day, He made sure that all loans had someone elses name on them, so he could have "plausible deniability" when it all came undone.

Each of the Brokers you mentioned, BECAME brokers under his tutelage, and learned all they knew FROM HIM.

As for his personal ethics, he started a company, promised the world to a group of talented people, who helped him build a powerhouse of a company, then squandered it all, because he found it necessary to have an affair with a Married Employee, who then demanded a share of the company that others had built. Those folks suddenly had a new "Boss", who had no qualifications for the job, and no practical management experience, but could fall into bed with the owner.

Mr Blackledge profitted on each and every mortgage done at Homequest, and in toto, his check was ten times everyone elses. This is also in addition to the fact that he is so ready to throw any and all former employees to the grinder to avoid personal responsibility, should go a long way to prove exactly what kind of *** he is.

However, you will undoubtedly find all of this hard to believe, but there it is......


For the record, Jeff Blackledge no longer has any ties to short-refi.com or Wizard Lending LLC. He has had nothing to do with our company since August of 2008.

Huron, Ohio, United States #15431

OK, Louis A. Cardona I found is now the branch broker of a net branch, BancPlus Home Mortgage Center, located in Tampa, FL. We also tracked down Jeff. He said he was the owner but was not a broker and never brokered one loan. He, as owner, gauranteed the commercial lease and invested his money to start the business but hired Louis A. Cardona as his LICENSED BRANCH BROKER. Louis Cardona was the broker in charge the origination and compliance for Jeff's company. Lesli Cothren, the other principle was the REGISTERED AGENT. The licensed brokers under Louis Cardona were Mark Hertle of Spring Hill, FL - Mike McGavin of Plant City, FL - Diane Miller, FL - Craig Murrell, Lakeland, FL - Bob Williams, Brandon, FL along with Lesli Cothren, Auburndale, FL and Karen Jordan, Lakeland, FL.

My attorney said that the owner of a Mortgage Broker Office does not need to be licensed...as long as the owner does not do loans for borrowers, which Jeff stated to me in my call to him and I was able to confirm. One of the brokers above and ultimately, Louis Cardona is whom to advantage of me. I don't seem to have a case...but I do have an axe-to-grind. Furthermore, LewAnn Strcikland and Leslie Heimer of Winter Haven Florida were the initial owners of this coming, original name was Premier Home Mortgage Services, Inc.

Again, all this digging got me no where but I want people to know that I retract my last statement. As I said, me and my attorney were able to reach Jeff and he was very cooperative and provided us with the names of his brokers. He even faxed us the Branch Broker Designee from the state of FL which showed Louis Cardona as the Branch Broker. He told us he was not at the office on a day to day basis, which is why he hired Louis Cardona as his Branch Broker. Louis Cardona was the individual responsible to the State of Florida's Finance and Regulaton Office and was in charge of the brokers in the office.

I can not erase my complaint about Jeff since it's stuck on the internet now, but I can make it right. Sounds like Jeff spent a lot of money to start a brokerage office for Louis Cardona of Plant City, FL and was just as much a victim as I am.

Jeff, thank you for you help and cooperation...and I am going to take your advise!

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I had a similiar issue and when I looked into it, the licensed branch broker was Louis Anthony Cardona of Plant City, FL. Lesli Cothren was the registered agent and they were somehow connected to LewAnn Strickland (FL) and Leslie Heimer (FL). The lender was the same lender, Aegis Mortgage wish is belly up like you said?

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